Equipo Twister Racing


Presentación del equipo:

German driver Roy Kolbe and the TR009 #3.

«It´s nice to be back in business. Phil Estrada (team owner) is a very good friend of mine. That means a dream becomes real. Phil and I wanted to create our own team with me as 50% owner but my financial situation doesn´t allow that at this time, maybe in the future I still have time to do that. I´m now 30 years old, and that should be a good compromise between reaction time and experience. Phil respects all my wishes; we are now a completely new team, just not as big as it was before. I think I feel more confident in a small team with a few members that I all know personally. I think everyone has the same target, so I expect a good relationship. I´m looking forward to meeting the old veterans as well as the new people on the team with high ambitions. See you on track soon! «

German driver Stefan Kanitz and the TR009 #4

“I’m looking to drive the car to its limits. It’s a long season, I’ll push myself and all my team mates. I have a full season of FSR underneath me now and I won at Silverstone last year. We’ll see how it goes. Anything can happen, even on the last lap.”

FSR World Series drivers

2008 World Series Pro champion Mikko Puumalainen (Mr. Gamepad) and his black and blue TR009 #4

World Series Ace

  • Joakim Bengtsson (Sweden) # 3
  • Mikko Puumalainen (Finland) # 4

World Series Ace II

  • Karol Poniatowski (Germany) # 9
  • Jorge Izquierdo (Spain) # 10

World Series Pro

  • Job van der Geest (Netherlands) # 0
  • Phil Estrada (USA) # 2

World Series Advanced

  • Santiago Niza (Spain) # 7
  • Arne Hölmer (Germany) # 8

Test Driver

2005 WC World Champion Dennis Hirrle

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